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The VPOS settlement is based on the merchants receiving their payments in full, within 5 minutes, for each transaction processed, for their goods and services sold. Your VPOS can provide simultaneous access, for all your operators, to process payments for your goods and services.

The Pay Online service is designed to enable all your customers to send you a payment anytime without a phone call. To receive a payment within 5 minutes, you do not have to speak with your customer, just ask them to click on the Pay Online icon and follow the instructions.

Pay P2P makes cash, checks, and credit card payments obsolete. It's easier, and in many ways more secure, than carrying money in your wallet or purse. With P2P Payments buyers NO longer need to provide their credit card, or bank account information, to make a payment.

In 2003, the U.S. Congress enacted a federal law called "Check 21" that allows the recipient of a paper check to create a digital version of the original check. This digital electronic format is called a "substitute check". Check22 is the next step.

Check22 is designed to fundamentally alter the merchant/consumer relationship as it exists today, by moving purchase and other financial transactions from a “pull” model, wherein a consumer gives a merchant detailed information allowing the merchant to draw money from a consumer’s accounts, to a “push” model, where the consumer provides no such information to the merchant, but instead actively sends their payments directly to the merchant in the form of a Check22 on demand substitute check.

Genie Gateway is a direct processor and provider of alternative payment and ecommerce services to the next generation of high risk merchants. We specialize in providing solutions to unbanked and underserved merchants and individuals.

Genie Gateway holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send and receive payments, globally, in real-time, through Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet, traditionally purchased from several vendors - into one seamless service.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 25, 2016 – Nevada based Genie Gateway announced that this week they are rolling out their new website , dedicated to their GenieCard – a totally secure debit card instrument designed to address the needs of tens of thousands of unbanked merchants and their customers.

Genie Gateway (OTCBB: GGWY) announced that this week they are rolling out the first distribution of their new GenieCard, a totally secure debit card instrument designed to address the needs of tens of thousands of unbanked merchants and their customers. An extension of the company’s Genie CashBox and Check 22, the GenieCard will make it even easier for merchants and their customers to do business without using cash, even for those without access to traditional banking services.

Telecommunications innovator releases the Next Phase of the "Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart"; Enables merchants to build, run, update and get PAID in Real Time

Merchants and ISOs Get Paid Daily. AllCom introduces Genie Checking, a virtual checking account, tightly integrated with the Genie CashBox, enabling merchants, ISOs and agents, to log in to their Genie CashBox, and pay themselves anytime they like, 24X7X365. NO more waiting for your money!

The Genie CashBox enables US cash buyers to shop online from merchants anywhere, without sharing their credit card or banking information with anyone, by paying with cash.

Genie Gateway now includes three new features in its already robust back office environment, at NO additional cost. These features help organize merchants, large and small, to maintain a better relationship with their customers.

AllCom releases the Next Phase of AllCom’s Unified Solutions for Genie Gateway and CashBox members. Genie enables buyers to shop online from member merchants using their Genie Gateway, without the risk of sharing their banking information with anyone.

AllCom introduced the Genie CashBox the most powerful business opportunity platform for ISOs, Agents, Sub Agents and Merchants. If you cannot build your business with these tools than you may as well go home!

VOX Messaging is AllCom’s unique blending of the power of Voice Messaging with the ease and flexibility of Text Messaging. VOX allows you to send and receive short SPOKEN message with one person or thousands, quickly and easily.

Patent application describes Genie CashBox as “a robust eWallet with debit card and checking account features, which operates as one unified solution … on a single platform in a single cloud.”

AllCom announces The Gift of Financial Safety for the Holidays with Genie Checking and The Genie CashBox

The GenieCheck is the newest and safest way to send or receive money electronically. It has all the benefits of a traditional paper check, plus added security, and the one of a kind ability to be sent by email.

If the amount of PayBack is available, the pay day loan repayment will be sent in real-time, on the agreed schedule, if the funds are not available the payment will be sent automatically the moment the funds are available.

Imagine! …having your money in MINUTES, not Days! …paying your bills by EMAIL! …writing checks that CANNOT bounce! …getting your paycheck electronically!

Genie Cashbox provides a New Way for Payday Loan companies to meet the challenges of today’s interconnected financial services landscape.

“PayBack and BillPay will completely re-write the book on how consumer-merchant transactions are handled from now on,” stated Randall Skala, AllCom COO. We are looking forward to the reaction from ISO’s, merchants and lenders when they learn that we have a solution for their problems.

Genie is the Interactive Personality of AllCom’s platform and our entire suite of services. She is our customers’ Personal Assistant, whose voice and manner sets the tone for every interaction they have with AllCom’s automated systems.

What is the first thing that runs through your mind, if I say you can have free checking for a year, when even if you were willing to pay, you haven’t been able to get a “for-fee” checking account?

With Genie Online Banking it’s easy to load your CashBox using your business or personal checking accounts. Just enter the amount you wish load and click on the Charge button. Your Genie CashBox will be credited with your CashBox load in real-time.

AllCom creates new way for merchants and buyers to do e-commerce, without banks. Genie Quick-Load is all about being the fastest and safest way to enable e-commerce.

With Check22, we are continuing our all-out war on the ‘grab’ model of payment processing,” said AllCom CEO Thomas E. Skala. “The so-called ‘Check 21’ law, passed October 28, 2003, was supposed to modernize checking. But it really just made it easier for big merchants to ‘grab’ money out of customer’s bank accounts, while leaving smaller businesses behind, and increasing many risks for consumers.

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